About Us

Cumulo - Nimbus


1999, though we've been playing together since 1995, it was then that we came up with the name, and decided we were aiming for a progressive metal sound


Progressive metal in theory, though that's more like a target than a pigeon hole. Mostly we're hard rock / metal with progressive influences


Nick Hulskamp and Stuart Herring, withTessa Kum providing a lot of our lyrics


Guitars, Bass, keyboards, drums (sequenced). Keyboard and synth sounds produced by a Soundblaster Live! with Chaos (general midi), Wave It Gold (piano and strings), and Sonic Implants (drums) sound fonts. All recording is done using Cakewalk Sonar.

Why "Cumulo-Nimbus"?

Because it combines the feeling of the tension of a looming storm, the violence of a lightning strike, and the peace of aftermath.

Actually, Tessa spewed out a list of words more or less at random, and we picked that one. There's a hyphen in it because was already taken, and it kinda looks better that way anyway. But feel free to believe the first one if it makes you feel better ;)