Fade to Nothing

Title: Fade to Nothing
Music: Stuart Herring and Nick Hulskamp
Lyrics: Tessa Kum
Year: 2000 - 2003
Links: mp3 excerpt

This was one that we had nearly complete, before my hard drive crashed.
It's been one of our favourites since we first started work on it.
The music is pretty much all there for this, I'm just in the process of re-recording tracks, and doing the production work.
I hope to have it finished soonish, I'm putting it above everything else on my list.
UPDATE: Vocals are all it's waiting for...I just can't seem to get them right for it. But I'll keep trying. In the mean time, I've uploaded a 3 minute excerpt from middle of the piece as it is right now. The excerpt runs from the 3rd verse, through quite a long instrumental section, to the beginning of the 5th verse.